Best CBSE School in Sangareddy

Pioneers International School offers the CBSE Curriculum at Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Sr. Secondary School levels. Pioneers, one-of-a-kind approach to pedagogy and instructional design ensures that the CBSE curriculum is implemented to the fullest possible extent to meet the goals it has set for itself.

Perfecting Pedagogy

Pioneers learner-centered pedagogy echoes CBSE’s student-centered approach in all its scope. Our pedagogical approach and teaching strategies are spear-headed by our extensively trained teachers who regularly attend both CBSE and in-house workshops to further their professional development. This love for life-long learning is passed on to our students who grow to be passionate about their choice of subjects and develop a deep curiosity for the world around them. Academic excellence is highly valued in Pioneers, with plenty of emphasis on opportunities for hands-on and experiential learning. Facilities, amenities, Learning Laboratories, Field Trips to places relevant to the subject area being explored and Creative Learning Projects all help bring the curriculum to life in Pioneers.

Striking a Balance

The curriculum takes on new meaning in the school with our innovative approach to both teaching and learning. CBSE’s firm belief in holistic education is reflected in every sphere in the school- whether it be our Innovative Programmes (such as D.E.A.R., Value Education Program, Life Skills Program, Sports Education Programme, Student Wellness Program and so on), rigorous system of assessment that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to generating effective and informative feedback that helps our students reflect on their learning. The curriculum challenges our students to explore traditional disciplines in their depth while also encouraging a transdisciplinary perspective that transcends the confines of mere disciplinary learning.

Besides Special Assemblies and Inter-House events and competitions, our school is also well-connected to other CBSE and International Schools in the region, regularly partnering with them to enable our students to access wider platforms to participate and excel in. Through the CBSE, Pioneers offers both students of the secondary, and the senior secondary, a balanced curriculum that values national learning goals, a global perspective as well as personal growth. The CBSE curriculum at Pioneers thoroughly prepares our students for continued academic and professional excellence by cultivating ‘habits of the mind’.

Subject Combinations

At Pioneers School, we offer the following subject choices for students of Grades VI-X in addition to English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Science and ICT.

Choice of Second Languages (Grades VI- X)

  • Hindi
  • Telugu

Choice of Third Languages (Grades VI-VIII)

  • Hindi
  • Telugu

As per CBSE norms, either the second or third language option must be Hindi for students of Grades VI to VIII.

We offer the following subjects for students of Grades XI and XII for Science, Commerce and Humanities streams:

  • English Core (compulsory)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics/ Accountancy/History
  • Chemistry/Business Studies/Political Science
  • Biology/Economics

Co-Scholastic Areas

Co-scholastic areas including Work Education or Pre-Vocational Education, Art Education, Health & Physical Education are vital areas that promote the holistic development of students and make students more competent through the CBSE curriculum.