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Pioneers International school

Nestled in one of the greenest suburbs of Hyderabad, Pioneers International School is a highly progressive and enterprising international school committed to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values. Here at Pioneers, we are reinventing education by breaking old moulds of thought. This progressive thinking has led to progressive teaching methods and has brought about a tremendous change in how our students learn.

Nurturing Habits of the Mind

The students of The Pioneers International are encouraged to develop the habits of mind through joyful learning experiences. To that end, school offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum. Academic offerings build on the strength of traditional disciplines; yet, integrate easily with a broad exposure to the liberal arts like theatre, dance, drama, singing, art & craft, designing, multimedia, sports activities and selective opportunities to pursue individual interests through innovative programmes and club activities.

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Pioneers International school facilities

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

Innovative Curriculum.

Professionally qualified Faculty.

Co-curricular activities like Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Craft

Full-Day Care (Semi-Residential) System